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Handouts from our lectures will be in Chronological Order, most recent at the top, with the Title, speaker and date.

Professor Alyn Morice: Reflux Cough Questionnaire

Professor Alyn Morice: Reflux Cough Explanation

New Treatments for Diabetes: Prof Tony Barnett

The Liver: The Full Monty, Dr Alan Bohan

Care of the Elderley: Prof Joel Posner 25.11.2008

Jason Cooper (incontinence and prolapse)

Jason Cooper (2) Bladder Botox Treatments

Neurology of Sleep; Jayant Phadke 11.11.08

a. Basic Summary (BS0

b)Epworth Sleep index

Some Points from Laboratory Medicine 4.4.08

Red Flags for Children at Risk: Jackie Kilding 17.6.08

Contraception Update: John Guillebaud 5.2.08

Neurology Update: Karl Misulis 29.08

Professor Tom Irons "Paediatric Pearls" 9th Oct 2007

John RT Reeves 27th June: "Cocktail Party Dermatology"

John RT Reeves 26th June 2007

Handouts from march 13th 2007

The Science of Compliance: Steve Martin17.10.06

Contraception Update John Guillebaude  Feb 2006

How to Bluff Your Way in Sports Medicine Patrick Milroy Jan 2006

The Shifting Sands of NSAIDs  Peter Haynes Oct 2005

Dietary Solutions for Common Problems John Briffa Oct 2005

Breaking Bad News: Rob Buckman Sep 2005

Advice for Travellers: Adrian McCracken June 2005

Believable Websites in Reproductive Health: John Guillebaud June 2004

Trade Secrets in Dermatology - Diagnostic and Therapeutic: Paul Krusinski April 2004

Dermatology Update - On the Scales of Importance: Paul Krusinski April 2004

A Brief Update on Contraception:  John Guillebaud January 2004

CBT for Anxiety: Jesse Wright October 2003

The Bullet out there with your name on: Joel Posner. June 2003

Androgens: Peter Haynes. June 2003

Contraception Update: Guillebaud May 2003

 Websites for info on Contraception:Guillebaud May 2003

Reeves: Dermatology Update May 2003

Acne Update: Cunliffe

Update on Pain: Fulgosi

Child Psychiatry:Kaak

The Zoonoses:Dr Adrian McCracken

Update on ACEIs: Doctor Barbara Casadei

Encopresis and Enuresis:Leonard Rappaport MD

Update Infectious Disease : P. McKellar

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